Providing clean drinking water to villages across India

Bore Wells
The Need

Water resources in rural India are shared by all local villagers for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sustaining livestock and agriculture. Unfortunately, sanitary sources of water are scarce, making waterborne illnesses the most pressing issue in many villages.

Our Solution

We are dedicated to providing clean water for villagers who cannot afford this necessity. By drilling wells, we ensure that these villagers have close access to clean and sanitary water for years to come.

Our Goal

Our goal is to drill 15-20 bore wells each year.

The Cost

$1,000 covers the cost to drill one well.

Get Involved

Partner With Us

Pray: Pray that God would reveal the villages that need our support, and that we would have the resources to go where He calls us.

Fund a Bore Well: Your donations fund this program! With $1,000, you can drill a bore well that will provide clean water to scores of families for years to come.

Spread the Word: Let others know how they can help — together we can quench the thirst of a whole village.


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