Caring for India’s most vulnerable population

Feed A Widow
The Need

Widows in India are outcasts, treated as the lowest of the low. When a woman is made a widow without male children to look after her, she is sentenced to a lifetime of humiliation and shame. These widows are left to fend for themselves, unable to find work or respect in the society where they live.

Our Solution

We recognize the need to reach out to the disadvantaged population of widows in India. Each month, we provide hundreds of widows with the means to purchase rice, vegetables, and other supplies that they need to survive. By giving generously without expecting anything in return, we display the hope and love of God to a hurting population.

Our Goal

Our goal is to care for 1,000 widows.

The Cost

$20 per month ($240 annually) allows us to provide for a widow’s daily needs and also allows us to purchase them a new Sari (a traditional Indian outfit) at Christmas.

Get Involved

Partner With Us

Pray: Pray for the widows of India that we have reached already, and pray that God would bring us together with the yet-unreached.

Sponsor a Widow: Your donations fund this program! For $240 a year, you can feed a widow in India.

Spread the Word: Let others know how they can help — together, we can care for the lost widows of India!


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