Providing affordable medical care to the sick and poor in india

Medical Care
The Need

For many families in India, professional medical care is not an option. Hospitals are either too expensive or too far away to visit, so individuals do not receive the ongoing help that they need to be healthy and safe.

Our Solution

We host free and reduced-cost medical clinics from our Dr. Lewis Foster Hospital, allowing people in nearby villages to receive the medical care they need. We host clinics for dental, eye-care, and general health.

Our Goal

Our goal is to expand our medical care into a full-time facility where people can have their needs met daily.

The Cost

There are many costs involved in running a full-time hospital, including the cost of nurses’ salaries, medical equipment, and building maintenance. Your donations fund the future of our hospital!

Get Involved

Partner With Us

Pray: Pray that God would provide the funds we need to transform our hospital into a full-time facility, and pray for our future staff.

Contribute to our Medical Funds: Your donations fund the future of our hospital! You can help us reach our goal of expanding our medical care for the sick and hurting in India.

Spread the Word: Let others know how they can help — together we can heal the sick and hurting!


Learn more about the initial vision for our medical care.