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Our History

In 1988, while serving as the dean at a seminary in India, P.V. John felt a great burden for the remote villages in Southern India. He knew that there were people who needed to hear the message of hope in these villages. After a year of praying and seeking God’s will, P.V. John and his wife Molly began Reach India in 1990 as a way to reach the unreached millions in the villages of Southern India.

God has blessed this ministry. Over three decades, Reach India has grown to include a large staff in India and a small staff in the United States. As a result of these combined efforts, thousands of lives have been changed forever by the hope of God.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

By partnering with like-minded Kingdom workers, Reach India bears witness to the hope of God and shares this hope with the unreached peoples of rural Southern India.

God’s call to India remains strong and His blessings to Reach India overflow.

Sharing the Good News

Serving with Compassion

Building Relationships

Training And Educating

How Our Programs Began
Boys & Girls Homes

Our Boys and Girls Homes began from a vision to provide a safe home for the lost and hurting children of India. In 1990, a couple in India donated the building for the Boys Home, and we began housing young boys in need of care. As God worked to fill this home, Reach India began to prayerfully consider adding a Girls Home. The land for the Girls Home was bought with a donation from a couple in the United States, and its construction was completed in 2006.

Now, these two buildings safely house around 30 boys and girls. We provide them with meals, clothes, an education, and a safe place to learn about the love and care of God.

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Save The Girl

Our Save the Girl program grew out of the desire to create generational change in the treatment of women in India, where it is still considered a curse to be born a girl. The cultural mentality they face contributes to women experiencing higher rates of abuse and mortality, having fewer education opportunities, and being more frequently sold into sex-trafficking just to survive. We believe that education can help to break this cycle of shame and discrimination towards girls in India. From this belief emerged the Save the Girl program, sponsoring the education of young girls across India as they work towards a brighter future. 

This program started in 2007 to support 200 girls, and has grown to reach thousands more since then.

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Feed a Widow

Our Feed a Widow program began when our founder, P.V. John, noticed that many of the beggars on the streets of India were widows whose families had cast them aside. He claimed, “What’s the good news to a widow hungry and on the street? It’s bread. Once you give her bread, you can give her the bread of life.” From this insight, the Feed a Widow program emerged.

The program was kickstarted in 2002, with help from donations from International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES). Now, we help meet the daily needs of over 600 widows each year.

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Tailoring Schools

Tailoring Schools were one of Reach India’s first initiatives to support families financially through training and education. Molly (the wife of founder P.V. John) saw that she could teach women valuable sewing skills, equipping them to get higher-paying jobs in the garment industry and empowering them to care for their families. This original mission still drives our Tailoring Schools today.

The program began with one class, led by Molly in 1990, and has grown in size and strength over decades of cultivation. Now, we host classes in fifteen different locations, reaching and teaching thousands of women every year.

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Bore Wells

When we first began hosting medical clinics, we noticed that many of our patients were suffering from serious waterborne illnesses because their village did not have access to clean water. We resolved to dig deep borewells in these areas to provide clean, safe water to villagers who could not afford this necessity on their own.

We began drilling wells for the community in 2005. Since then we have drilled over 175 wells. We aim to drill 15-20 new wells every year.

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Medical Care

Reach India has provided thousands of people with free medical treatment since 2002 when we partnered with F.A.M.E. to build a hospital in Andhra Pradesh. The Dr. Lewis Foster Hospital was named in honor of the man who funded the education of P.V. John, founder of the organization. 

The future of the Dr. Lewis Foster Hospital, and the hundreds of people who benefit from its services, depends on continued funding for nurses salaries, medical supplies, and upkeep.

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Disaster Relief

Over the years, our reputation for doing good has grown in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and its communities have called upon us to care for their people through disaster relief programs. We have participated in several disaster relief efforts over the years, providing supplies and reconstruction materials in the wake of massive tsunamis and floods. Most recently, we responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by sewing and distributing masks to policemen and healthcare workers in Chennai. We also distributed food and other supplies to those on the streets and the front-line. 

We will continue to respond to disasters as they occur, prioritizing care in times of trouble.


Our Team

Due to the sensitive nature of our mission, we have opted to temporarily remove our staff pictures from this website. Thank you for your discretion.

Bobby John

Director (India)

Jeff Acton

Executive Director (United States)

P.V. & Molly John

Founders (India)


Our Sponsors

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