Privacy Policy

We will, from time to time, ask for your name, contact information, and/or payment information. These are things we need to know in order to effectively manage your donations, file legal reports, and keep you informed on important changes.

That said, we understand your need for Privacy. Here’s what we do about it:

We will never sell your information, nor share it with anyone outside of Reach India (United States) and Care India (India) except for the purpose of legal Federal or State filings. We take care to ensure that all donor information is used only as needed by our teams in the United States and India.

Name: We use your name to keep track of your individual giving habits and history, such as which programs you like to support and when you have given in the past. This is how we maintain legal financial records and how we ensure that your donations are doing exactly what you want them to. You are entitled to request all of this information at any time by emailing us at

You must share your name if you wish to receive tax benefits for your financial contributions to Reach India Inc. Anonymous contributions cannot receive tax benefits.

Contact Information: Your contact information allows us to reach out to you if we have questions or concerns about your donation(s). We also use this information to share fundamental updates and to send year-end donation receipts. Other, more non-essential, communications (such as newsletter updates or letters of appreciation) may be opted out of.

You may request to update your contact information or preferences at any time by emailing us at

Payment Information: Your payment information is stored securely so that you can donate worry-free! We use Stripe, a reputable financial services company, to process credit card payments made on our website. Stripe is a certified PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 Service Provider. That, plus our policy of never selling or sharing our donors’ payment information, means that all of your data is in good hands!

All donors reserve the right to designate their donations to a specific program. We will never use your funds for any purpose other than the purpose designated by you. All funds not designated at the time of the donation will be added to our “general fund” and used as needed in order to accomplish our mission of being the hands and feet of God in rural Southern India. 

Digital Data: Our website uses cookies, Google reCAPTCHA, and Google Analytics to help verify users, filter out bots, and track website activity. We only use this information for analytics, and we never sell or share this information with outside parties.