Empowering the women of India through job-skills training

Tailoring Schools
The Need

There are few jobs available to women in India other than hard manual-labor, and even fewer that offer them a stable income. Many women are never trained in well-paying jobs, or else they cannot afford the necessary equipment and supplies to work from home.

Our Solution

At our tailoring schools, women are taught how to use a sewing machine, how to cut fabric, and how to assemble clothing. By learning these job skills, the women are qualified for better-paying jobs in the garment industry and are able to earn a higher income for their families. Upon graduating, they also have the opportunity to receive their own sewing machine from us so that they can work from home.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide women with the supplies, skills, and confidence to work in the garment industry. More specifically, we would like to be able to host tailoring schools in all 100+ of our service centers.

The Cost

It costs $100 to buy one sewing machine, plus an additional sum to buy cloth and materials for the students, and salaries for the teachers.

Get Involved

Partner With Us

Pray: Pray for the success of the tailoring schools and the funds to buy and donate new sewing machines.

Fund a Sewing Machine: Your donations help fund this program! For $100, you can fund a sewing machine that can be used in our classrooms and then donated to a graduate of the program.

Spread the Word: Let others know how they can help — one sewing machine is a lifetime of provision!


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